I Like the Way You Do Life

You wanna know what’s great about being in school?  No one expects anything of you.  No one expects you to know what you want to do.  I mean, don’t get me wrong… everyone will ask you what you plan on doing with the rest of your life, but no one honestly thinks you’re going to guess right.

The world should be envious of you.

You get to take obnoxious spring breaks to Mexico, you get to empty out your savings in an attempt to support your fun fund in the midst of unpaid internships, and it’s totally acceptable for you to have a shit job as a barista.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

This is what dreams are made of.  I like not having to prove myself to anyone.  I’m learning how this whole life thing works out, and if I feel like doing a yoga pose in the middle of a dance floor – I like that no one expects anything less from a lame ass college student.  School, honestly, is the best form of personal validation you could ever grant yourself.

Screw up now, before it really matters.

Somewhere along the Caribbean Sea
Somewhere along the Caribbean Sea

I recently vacationed with six successful females, an act that should be sainted by the church due to the risky business it does to one’s self esteem, and while lost somewhere with sea legs and margarita in hand –  I discovered the most comforting bit of information a girl could find.  I discovered that I’m as far as I can be.

Not to get all hippie on you, but this life thing is a personal journey and it’s only as good as you lead it.  No one else has the ability to steer it the way you see fit – so don’t let them.  Don’t let anyone else’s dreams and successes make you feel inadequate.  Admire everyone whose made something exciting with their life, and realize you’ll get to where you’re going in time.

I dream of becoming Anthony Bourdain…or Christopher Hitchens… or Wes Anderson ( I realize I need some female role models), but I’m not there yet.  I hope I can have that kind of power with words.  I want to draw emotion and connectivity like them.

I mean, let’s get real, Hitch 22 had me changing my life goals by page six… odds are I’ll never be there.

But in the words of Jamie Foxx,

“You gotta let it do what it do, baby!”


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