One small indictment for man, one giant disgrace for mankind.

The people of Ferguson are fighting a fight I didn’t even know needed fighting, and I’m feeling more and more naïve with every picture of smoke and flames that covers my social media threads this evening.  I keep seeing these images of law enforcement that look closer to military, and I can’t help but wonder what the other options for Ferguson could be. I’m not saying this fight is right, but I am asking – how else do you take a stand?  How do you fight against a nation that seems to be against your community – against your race?  I can’t condone the looting.  The images of fires and the groups of activists fighting for their place in this world bring fear… and I’m miles away from the riots. But I do support their fight.  What you may find shocking, and I don’t care if you do, is that I’m not concerned with the material aspects that will be lost throughout all of this.  I don’t care about your corner store, or the local Walgreens.  What makes me fearful is that this country, this place I thought I valued, has let me down. These riots and this legal system make me realize I’m living in an age I thought I was far past, and I’m finding myself emerged in a violent, unjust country that I’d mistakenly thought was free.

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