I recently heard of something called automatic writing. In short, automatic writing is writing with intent to free your unconscious mind. It’s very Freudian and weird and cool.

I found a photo and sat for three minutes on the subway today, quickly jotting down every word that came to my mind after studying the patterns and red shoes on my little phone screen. I didn’t worry about grammar, or form, or how it would come across to anyone who read it. It was freeing and weird and oddly spiritual. I’m sharing below in hopes you join my hippy bandwagon:


I am here.

I do not know why or how or what purpose my life entails but

I am here.

I have wounds and scars and marks I’d like to hide but

they are here.

One perfect. One flawed. One body. One mind.

I will not divide. I want to split.

I am one.


10 thoughts on “1.

    1. From my understanding, stream of conscious writing typically stems from an initiated subject or event within the first writer. He/she is aware of their thoughts as they write freely in the subject they originated. Automatic writing, at least the kind I learned in my recent Lit Crit class, records your immediate response to a text. It’s the idea that one subconscious can somehow relate to someone else’s subconscious, like a dialogue between two writers. I cheated and responded to the photo I posted with the post.

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    1. Of course! I’m trying to work it into a Freshman writing class. I think it’s too weird for them, but I’ll let you know how it goes and email you what we used in my LC class! 🤗


  1. I did that one time and it was like some sort of spiritual awakening. My journal said to use your left hand and write a letter to your parents on the paper provided which was the dotted line paper for kindergarten and 1st graders. Something happened when I began to write that letter. The tears started flowing, and QUICKLY turned to sobbing. Something happened it was really weird just like you said cap.

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    1. I actually thought of you when I tried this bc I remembered you saying what a cool experience you had with it. ❤ I’ve tried the left hand trick years ago after you told me about it, and I am still recovering. 😂😅 Love you, momma!


  2. Cap these words are so heart felt,When my mind reads the words my heart feels,
    The joy,Laughter,the crazy in my life!
    I love all your writings they touch my heart in ways that I cannot express!!
    Greatfully Honor❤️

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  3. Love your hippie soul! I’m going to try this today. Your words make me think this, not that you asked….. the evolution from dualistic to non-dualistic thinking. A beautiful, transformation! Love you 😘

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    1. Thanks Nicole! Let me know if you try it out! 😬 I actually thought about posting this in Journey to Freedom bc the process was so cool! I didn’t really say it clearly in the initial post, but if you want to try it out – it’s best to respond to someone else’s art. So read a poem, look at a painting, or listen to a song then write as though you are responding to the artist directly. It is so weird and so fun. Love you! ❤


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